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Whether you’re purchasing, selling, or leasing we are here to guide you through to the finish line. Our first class service to investors and partners guarantees you’ll get hands-on involvement in all private acquisitions both residential and commercial. Rest assured your investment is in the hands of professionals who eat, sleep, and dream real estate!

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Searching for a single family home, duplex, or triplex? Maybe you’re looking to invest your capital in a commercial project such as an apartment building, warehouse, or mall. We can and will attack on any projects big or small. Tenacity is what we thrive off of! Our firm specializes and prides itself on quality, modernization, revitalization, & most importantly, creating an atmosphere for our tenants to be proud to say they live in and our investors can be proud to say they own! That’s the Lear’s Macaw way!

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Any inquiries regarding acquisitions, how to get started investing, or our requirements to becoming an investor or partner please feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all questions or concerns.

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Real estate is by far one of the pillars to wealth. With the right strategy, dedication, and persistence, you can grow a vast portfolio for your next generations to flourish.

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“He is not a full man who does not own a piece of land”. Hebrew Proverb

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Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security.